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Our company started its industrial and commercial activity in 1989. After 34 years of progress in the field and with the know-how we have, we have succeeded in having one of the most organized factories for sewing textile products.


With over 60 specialized machines and highly trained staff we have managed to have a very large market share in the hotel sector.

We represent, import and manufacture for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and the Balkans, Electric Curtain Hanging Systems, Electric Shading Systems, Electric Projection Screens, Theater Curtains, etc. in excellent quality & low prices.


Flame Retardant Fabrics, Special Fabrics, Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics. Textile Flame Retardant, Black Out, Acoustic, Antibacterial, Waterproof Teflon Outdoor.

Our clients, branded hotel complexes as well as large architectural offices, technical & construction companies, can guarantee our perfect cooperation and the excellent level of construction.

We also undertake the measurement and installation with experienced and responsible craftsmen, in order to offer you a comprehensive proposal that will fully cover your needs.

We remain a steady force in the interior renovation of commercial spaces with the best products on the market as well as the most reliable construction crews.

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Casa Romantica

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