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Ξενοδοχειακός & Επαγγελματικός Εξοπλισμός
Κουρτίνες – Υφάσματα – Λευκά ειδή
Αδιάβροχα Υφάσματα, Βραδύκαυστα Υφάσματα, Ειδικά Υφάσματα
Collection Home Colors
Collection Black & White
Collection Double & soft
Collection Jaquard
Collection Positano
Collection Sand
Collection Tinta Unita
Κουβερλί - Παπλώματα
Πετσέτες - Μπουρνούζια - Πατάκια Μπάνιου - Πετσετόπανο
Ηλεκτρικά Συστήματα Κουρτινών-Αυλαίες Θεάτρου
Ηλεκτρικοί Κουρτινομηχανισμοί
Μηχανισμοί Roman
Μηχανισμοί Πάνελ
Ηλεκτρικά Συστήματα Σκίασης
Ρολλοκουρτίνες - Σκίαστρα Οροφής (Skylight)
Οριζόντιες Περσίδες Αλουμινίου ( Venetian Blinds )
Απλά Συστήματα Σκίασης
Οριζόντιες Περσίδες
Κάθετες Περσίδες
Αντικωνωπικά Συστήματα
Σίτες - Κουνουπιέρες
Δάπεδα - Μοκέτες - Αντιολισθητικά
Laminate Δάπεδα Tarkett
Μοκέτες - Ψάθες
Οθόνες Προβολής
Ραφή Ξενοδοχειακού Ιματισμού

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In light of our love for interior design and the talent and ingenuity of our area, we started our business in 1989 in the renovation business premises, hotels, ships, yachts, etc.

After 21 years on this business area and with our expertise, we have achieved one of the most organized sewing textile factories in Greece. With over 60 specialized machinery and highly-trained staff, we have a very large market share in curtain and interior decoration stores. Most importantly, we have the largest market share in the hotel sector. This makes us pioneers on the area, because we deliver 5-star hotels over 300 rooms without any reduction in quality...

We also have dared to do something that others never did all these years (VERY GOOD QUALITY AND LOW PRICES). We represent and introduce to Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, electric curtain suspension systems, electric solar shading systems, electric screens, etc. Electric ratio was something forbidden in Greece, due to high costs, but now everyone can have this "luxury".

Our clients consist of branded hotel groups and large branded stores in the area of the fabric can guarantee the excellent cooperation and the excellent construction.

We are also measure and install with experienced managers and technicians, to offer you a comprehensive proposal that will completely cover your needs.

We remain a stable force in the interior renovation business premises with the best products and the most reliable construction teams.

With friendly greetings and appreciation,

Casa Romantica

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